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COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Please check out this fun video for all the extra safety measures we are implementing to keep you healthy and safe during your dental visit!

Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet
Covid-19 Protocol Infosheet

Dear Patients,

Great News!!! Governor Larry Hogan has announced dental offices in Maryland may resume elective and non-urgent dental procedures if certain conditions are met. We are all eager to come back to serve you and are excited to see everyone again! As you have already known, Covid-19 cases in Maryland are still relevant while Montgomery County is still considered to be a hotspot. Our priority is YOUR SAFETY. Therefore, as we are closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation day by day, we have been working diligently to improve our services and protocols to help prevent the spread of the disease and to protect YOU, our team, and our community.

In order to provide you a safe and comfortable environment and to REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF CONTACT TO A MINIMUM LEVEL, we have developed the following safety protocols:


  • Advanced Registration: For new patients, please use our online registration form.
  • Pre-Appointment Health Questionnaire: We will email or text you a link to fill out a health questionnaire.
  • Pre-appointment Financial Arrangement: We will email or text you the estimated cost for your dental treatment and financial arrangement will be made over the phone prior to your appointment.

Appointment Day

  • ‘In-Your-Car’ Waiting: Please call or text us when you arrive. We will email or text you the same health questionnaire to be updated in your car. Our clinical team member will call or text you as soon as we are ready to see you.
  • Limitations on Companions: Only patients with appointments and one guardian permitted in the office. We invite other companions to remain in the car during treatment.
  • Mask Requirements: All patients are required to wear a mask / face cover as they enter the building and our office. Please only take off your mask / face cover when you are in the dental chair.
  • No Gloves: Please remove your gloves and dispose of properly before you enter our office.
  • Hand Sanitizer: As soon as you enter our office, please use hand sanitizer. It will be provided right next to the entrance.
  • Temperature Checks: All patients are checked for fever with our infrared/ touchless thermometer.
  • Straight to the Treatment Room: You will be escorted to the treatment room as soon as you enter the office.
  • Pre Procedural Rinse: We will have you rinse with hydrogen peroxide as recommended by the American Dental Association.
  • Future Appointments: future appointments will be made in the clinical area or can be done by phone, email, or text after you leave the office.
  • Treatment Plan Presentation: After your visit, if further treatment and financial arrangement is necessary, we will contact you to discuss your treatment plan and payment options. We might do it through Zoom or FaceTime.
  • New scheduling Protocols: Each appointment is given an extra 20 minutes to allow proper disinfection and to adhere to the social-distancing rules.
  • Writing Pen: If using a pen is necessary at the office, we will give you a clean disinfected pen for office use.
  • iPad: If you need to use our iPad at the office to fill out forms, we will hand you a clean one and it will be immediately cleaned after your use with disinfectant wipes.

Our Team

  • Daily health assessment and temperature check of team members at the beginning of the day.
  • Full personal protective equipment(PPE) for all clinical team members.
  • Mask is worn by all team members at all times. This mask is different from the mask worn during the procedure.
  • Ongoing training on OSHA and infection control protocol and close monitoring for compliance.

Additional Safety Precautions

  • Continue to perform the highest standard of infection control and sterilization according to CDC and OSHA guidelines.
  • Continuous and thorough disinfection of ALL surfaces in the office
  • Plexi-glasses have been installed at check in and check out areas to protect you and our team.
  • All toys, magazines, coffee machines and iPads at the game station are temporarily removed.
  • Air purifiers with HEPA filters and UV-C sanitizers are installed throughout our entire office.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this challenging time. The health and safety of everyone are our utmost priority and main goal. We are looking forward to seeing you again even though we have to adhere to the social distancing and limiting your time inside the office.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Edmund Liu, Dr. Chung Lin, and The Clarksburg Dental Team